Getting a Mammogram

As you get older, there are all sorts of tests and procedures that you want to consider getting done. Mammograms are among the most important scans that you can get.  A 2d mammogram in Paterson is a really good way to find out whether or not you might have cancer in your breasts.  Cells can be growing on your breasts, and it may stay undetected until it grows into something larger, which can cause breast cancer if not caught very early.

No matter what gender you identify as, it is very important that you take this test and find out whether or not you might have breast cancer before it becomes something larger.  A mammogram can be uncomfortable because the technician has to press down on your breasts firmly in order to make sure that they get an accurate shot of all the things on both sides of your breasts.

The scan will give your OB-GYN a good look at your tissue to make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary. This will ensure that you have nothing to worry about and avoid the need for surgery or other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

A mammogram doesn’t hurt unless you have a sensitivity to the cold.  For those who do, anesthetic will be given before they do the scan so that it won’t be painful at all.  You can talk to your provider to ensure that you get what you need to make the process low stress.

Talk with your provider as soon as possible and schedule a time that you can get a mammogram done. The earlier that you get started with them, the better off you will be. Prevention is key when it comes to breast cancer, and this is the best way to do so.

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